Day 3

Today was a crazy day! We had an Open House because we just put our house on the market. So I spent all morning cleaning and all afternoon staying away from home.

I knew I needed to go to Curves first thing in the morning so I could still have time to clean my house. I woke up hungry and didn’t want to work out on an empty stomach so I made a morning shake. Big mistake! I kinda felt like barfing my whole workout. Still, I got my workout in and that little smart card at Curves made me push myself.

I spent my morning cleaning and stuffing junk into closets (hopefully no one got hurt when the opened our cupboards). I was running late (as always) and didn’t have time to make lunch so I made another shake for lunch and grabbed an apple and the leftover Rocket Fuel cookies.

My nephews birthday party was today. I drank my shake on the way, but got pretty hungry after a couple of hours watching everyone else eat pizza, cake and my favorite – ice cream. I left the party to run some errands and needed some food badly. I think I made a pretty good choice at Chick-fil-A and ordered a protein style chicken sandwich and a cup of fruit.

I ran a bunch of errands and didn’t get home ’till late, but picked up some green beans from Whole Foods on my way home. I was hoping for something more substantial bet nearly everything in the ready-to-eat section of Whole Foods has sugar in it. Boo.

Anyways, I finished up my day with Whole Food’s green beans, peppers & mushrooms. And some apple pie I made a few days ago.

I think this pie turned out pretty good. I think I would use more apple next time, and maybe less honey. I made the Almond Flour Pie Crust from The Food Lover’s Kitchen. I LOVE that pie crust! Then I took about 6-7 granny smith apples, peeled, cored and diced, then cooked with 1/3 or 1/2 c. of honey and 1T arrowroot powder until the apples they were soft and the juices had thickened a little. I let the apples cool a little then added them to the pie.

I ended my day exhausted and felt like an old lady with aching joints and all…



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